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find a hostel

2015-11-26@Adelaide I couldn’t take the hostel reservations more than 1 day, I had to find other hostel. I went to 2 hostels, but they were full. I asked why there’re so many people, he answered because the cricket tournament will come soon. They try to see the Australia vs New Zeland, cricket tournament between Commonwelth. Finally I found a hostel, named as Backpack OZ. Entered in CAVE. 12 beds. I just walked around after this, bought foods for dinner, relaxed. they lend the bicycle for free, I’ll go cycling tomorrow. What I hit on today: – don’t use AR in DR, just making dating app with virtual girls and filling map, it may be easiler to make. – leave smartphone…

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on the beach

2015-11-25@Adelaide I couldn’t find any place to sleep, wander airlessly around the streets. all hostel will close 11 pm, I didn’t know… city is still bright, but no person. They live well-regulated life. After all-night, go to the beach by train again. stay at the bar on the spot broadcasting of racehorses, and checked in the hostel. Eat dinner with English, drink alcohol and slept 6 pm.

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2015-11-24@Tokyo – Melbourne- Adelaide That’s all my luggege. Just a normal size of rucksack. Arrived at Melbourne. Eat lunch. costs 20$(1800JPY). expensive. Get a number of Vodafone. hard to connect, and I couldn’t communicate with English well, but once after restart, it worked simply. I walked to the beach for saving money. bought a weird cola. The beach was so beautiful. It’s spacious, not crowded, I feel like staying here forever even if I’m a restless person. I realized countryside is more interesting than city for visiting. My skin hurt, bought sunscreen cream for the first time in my life. I put it on my eyelid by mistake, sufferred from strong pain for 1 hour… I washed eye again and…